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🌼 Client Works 🍀
Sept. 2023

コラボールガチャ @collaballgacha にてたくさんグッズ展開してもらっています。

期間: 2023/9/20-10/4

I collaborated with the Japanese popular snack "Baby Star Ramen"! 👶⭐️🍜 I like this character so I'm so happy my bunny and him are good friends!

Tamagotchi Uni TVCMイメージボード
June 2023
たまごっち新機種 Tamagotchi Uniの、TVCM企画時のイメージボードを担当しました!大好きなおもちゃに関われることができて幸せです!(掲載許可確認済み)
I worked on the concept art for the new Tamagotchi TV ad!

This piece is an initial concept art so it has a few different parts (characters, settings, etc.) from the finished ad/product but I'm really pleased that I got to work for one of my favorite toys!
Apr. 2023