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Collaboration Works
With Ri cafe
I drew this for a cafe in Thailand, "Ri cafe"! 🌼 They and I have a similar concept and I hit it off with them! I'm so happy to get to collaborate with them and join the fun project! My turn is in December. It's a long way off but I'm going to work on the project more!
The fashion brand HOWTOVENUS and I collaborated on the playful patchwork pants!! I designed the tiny patches and assisted in this pants design ⛳️🌤🌼
The owner's work is AMAZING!! I'm not a sewer so I left realistic parts and details to her :) But I was pleased when she told me that "I want to make pants like your character's outfit.". Then now I'm so happy to get to share the feeling!
I drew a cover of a store leaflet for HOWTOVENUS!
With Julia Yus
21-2 Sunny Bunny Shipping Service-min.png
Julia made the wonderful work and it's inspired from my work!
It's a great honor!
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