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🌈 Collaboration Works ⛳️
April 2024
I worked on the key visual for HOWTOVENUS pop-up event at Laforet Harajuku!
With Ri cafe
Dec. 2023
I collabed with the playful Thai cafe 🇹🇭🇯🇵 My artwork is putting on the wall at the cafe as a main theme in December! You can enjoy the the cup sleeves, a coloring and a sticker of the work! 🌼
Aug. 2023 
HOWTOVENUS x itousa Collab!! ✿
My second collab with the brand! We made those pants and I worked on the tiny patches and the color schemes 🌼🧵❤️


Aug. 2023

rainbowholic x itousa Collab 🌈🌼💙

I worked on the collaboration items with the stationery cafe! I love the cafe so I'm happy to work together!!

You can purchase those at the cafe in Tokyo, or on their website in the future! We have two types of designs! Also those will be available on my online shop too!



July 2023

I drew the limited sticker for MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION 2023 in LA by CAPSULE CORNER!

I've participated in  MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION 2022 and my work got first place in the popularity vote in LA! It used for the exhibition 2023 in  LA as a main visual.


わたしのファミカセ展2023 in LA の限定ステッカーイラストを描きました。

昨年同じ展示に参加し、自分の作品がLAの展示での人気投票で1位になったため、たしのファミカセ展2023 in LAのメインビジュアルに起用されました

​Exhibition owner: METEOR

With ニコニコ超会議2023 超絵師展
Apr. 2023